The instructors at Five Circles Martial Arts have been part of the martial arts community in Tulsa for more than 20 years and have been running classes in the Gomaru-Ryu Modal Arts since 1997. We focus on teaching adult and mature teen students an effective and comprehensive martial arts program.


The pursuit of martial arts study is the pursuit of personal development and self-improvement. We seek to help students find a true passion for the martial arts and use that passion to make a difference in their lives and eventually give back to the arts and to the community.

Monthly tuition is $40.00 for individual and $30.00 per person for groups of two or more that sign up together.

There is $35 testing fee for any student that wishes to promote to a new Kyu level ranks in one of the modal arts.  Students can expect to test once or twice per year.


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May your sword always know peace...if it cannot know peace, then let it know victory.