Teaching Philosophy

At Five Circles Martial Arts we believe that martial arts go far beyond learning punching and kicks. Martial arts are a tool for self-improvement. Through the martial arts we can make ourselves into the people that we want to be. The discipline, dedication, strength, and mental fortitude that can be built will serve our students in every situation and challenge that they face.
Brannon Bain
Brannon Bain got his first exposure to martial arts in 1976.  He has studied a wide variety of martial arts since that time and currently assits in teaching the Gomaru Ryu Modal Arts and is the chief instructor of the Tasumaru Ryu Bujutsu Core Study Program.
Geoffrey Beeson
Geoffrey Beeson started training in martial arts in 1991. He has had the opportunity to train in Kuk Sool Won, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Tai Chi, Tsunami-do Kenpo, Gomaru Ryu Kenpo, Gomaru Ryu Bukendo, and Gomaru Ryu Kobujutsu.  He is also an admitted student in the Tasumaru Ryu Bujutsu Core Study Program.  Mr. Beeson serves as the chief instructor for Five Circles Martial Arts.

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May your sword always know peace...if it cannot know peace, then let it know victory.