Welcome to something different.  Five Circles Martial Arts is here to bring you traditional Japanese martial arts in a new way.  No contracts, no drill sergeant style shouting, and an open and holistic way of learning martial arts.  We work not only to teach martial arts techniques, but to help students reach personal goals and seek self-improvement.  Every student can select their own custom program to focus on their own personal interests.

Five Circles is home to the study of the Gomaru-Ryu Modal Arts.  The Modal Arts are a family of five martial arts that encompass the full range of martial arts skills.  Each of the Modal Arts focuses on a different set of martial arts skills.  Striking, grappling, throws, body manipulation, swordsmanship, breath and body control, and weapon use are just some of the wide variety of skills that students can study. 

At Five Circles Martial Arts classes are taught in a holistic style with all students working on different arts in the same class.  This ensures that all students will have exposure to a variety of martial arts skills and can learn how different martial arts are related to one another.  It also helps students learn to use their martial arts, not only against students studying the same arts, but also against a range of very different practices.

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May your sword always know peace...if it cannot know peace, then let it know victory.